About us

Mind Matters

Worldwide Software is a leader in IT services, digital and business solutions. We partner with our clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses to help them reach success. We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through our deep-rooted commitments. With our comprehensive industry expertise, network of innovation and delivery centers, we make sure that all our clients get exactly what they need.

Established in 1991, Worldwide Software has grown to significant heights. Through our outstanding service record, collaborative partnerships, innovation and corporate responsibility, we have become a significant player in IT services.

We pride ourselves on the successful long term relationships we have been able to cultivate, both internally, with our loyal employee base and externally, with our clients.


We believe MIND MATTERS.

Software development is so much more than writing code. Every activity from the initial client interaction to the final delivery is executed with deep application of the mind.

Our philosophy ensures that every member of our team is a thought leader in whatever they do. We think with our clients. We think strategic. We ensure the software we build and deliver has deep thought embedded in it from its architecture to design to code and QA.


Our vision is to contribute to the success of our clients. We do not look at a project as a standalone deliverable but rather as one of the spokes in the wheel. We contribute to our client’s success in whatever magnitude by ensuring that we understand the complete picture.

Our vision is to deliver so much value to our customers that they know that we are their strategic partners for success.

Our vision is to ensure that we grow because our clients grow. It is therefore no surprise that we have clients for over 20 years with us.